Friday, July 5, 2013

Settling in Tucson

Celecta hanging out on the blanket Oma made for her.
It's official!  We are Arizonians (if that's how you say it).  And it even has the acronym for BasketBall John and Jimmers/Karl Malone number, topped off with a BYU alumni frame (gifted to Ryan for Father's Day).
Mommy getting Celecta to smile for Grandpa and Aunt Jamie on Skype.
Celecta using her pool for the first time on the 4th of July.  She loved being able to get to all of her toys instead of laying in her bath chair like she usually does.
We escaped to Mount Lemmon and had KFC on the top of the mountain. :)
Celecta hated the ride up!  She fell asleep the moment we parked.  Luckily she slept on the way down.
Celecta is ready for church wearing Great Grandma Gee's dress.  Probably one of the cutest ones we have.
She enjoyed it with Daddy though.  Thanks to every other Friday's.
Typical morning at home.  She likes a good song/talk right after she wakes up.
This was my first attempt to tape her rolling from back to tummy.
I finally caught it.
The view from our porch on July 4th.


  1. It looks like your house isn't all that quiet anymore. Did she learn to sing like that from The Court Jester?

  2. Dad taught her how to do it. She is pretty good, huh? And yes, when she wants to be loud she has a pretty good set of lungs.