Monday, July 29, 2013

Learning to Love It.

Since our last post there are a few things that have happened.  

 Baby has now tried a number of different foods including butternut squash, kiwi, strawberry, nectarines, peaches, plums, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, peas, among many other things.

 We saw a frog at in our swimming pool when we went with our friends.

Here it is again.  It was the biggest frog I had ever seen.

 Celecta had her 6 month birthday and to go with it her first cake!

 She didn't seem as impressed with this food as the others.

 Here is a lizard or gecho.  They are usually too fast to catch on camera.

 This is the view from our complex.  The city is in the distance against the mountains.  Yes it is overcast.  It is monsoon season so we have had our share of rain for the year.  It is a lot of fun and there are a lot of flash flood warnings.  :)

 This is Celecta getting overly excited for her oatmeal and smacking the spoon to make it catapult up to her head.  She wasn't sure what to think of that.

 These are the evil things that we are terrified of.  This one is dead and only the size of a centimeter probably.

 This is a animal identification game.  She had a good time watching the answers flash on and off.

 This is some kind of heat sensor detecting Ryan and getting projected onto the screen.

 This is us on U of A campus.  That is the football stadium.  Ryan is a little excited for football season.

Celecta climbing the rock wall at the planetarium.

Life-size sundial at the Planetarium.

 Watching the fishies.

 Dragon carved out of florite in the background.  Celecta was stunned!

 Celecta loved the rock sorting activity.  Of course most of them were sorted into her mouth.

This is an outfit sent from Brazil by Melissa.  She finally fits in it!  We just washed all of her 6-9 month clothes.  She is getting way too big. 

This is her missing falling asleep in the car.  Now she has to put up with walks instead. :P  She likes those just the same.

As far as mothering goes we are still working on a sleeping schedule and finding out what is best for Celecta Rose and me.  I would like to get out every once and a while and exercise and have more of a schedule as far as naps so I have been recording when she naps.  We will see how it goes.  She doesn't tend to fall asleep on her own so that makes it hard.
Ryan is being trained a lot a work and getting people in trouble for doing their job wrong just like a good quality engineer does.
We got called to be the Primary Pianist so Ryan plays the piano in Primary while I try to keep Celecta sane in church.
We are fighting off the scorpions like our baby's life depended on it and beating the dead horse to the ground trying to schedule pest control with management every week.
We are working on making friends and Celecta and I are as anxious as ever to get a car.
We are missing everyone back home and are still happy for visitors!
Lest you think I don't blog enough... this took me FOREVER.  I am sorry, but that is why it only gets done once a month if I'm lucky.

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