Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pictures of Trip to Tucson

Last week we spent all of our free time buying furniture and other stuff we would need before the moving truck got here (Saturday the 15th).  It was definitely speed shopping because that is the only way Ryan does it and that was all the time we would have to do it.  Tucson has been interesting already.  

On the road.

Missing our exit.

Waving to the 'Y'.

Entering the dessert.

Horray for still having mountains.

This is the classic Tucson backyard.

The lady we bought the mattress from says that if you have your mattress on the ground scorpions will come and sleep with you so it has to be on a frame.
Celecta Rose got a new bed, too.

We have to have lamps in all the rooms because there aren't lights.

This is our wormy designed couch that is just our size (can't see the design very well in this picture).

This is Ryan's new baby/TV and TV stand he assembled.

This is our first dining set; bench included under the table and Celecta Rose's new bumbo chair.

Yesterday was Ryan's first day of work.  Celecta Rose and Celecta had a hard time keeping busy the first day without a car and Ryan came home ready for bed.  Nothing terribly exciting.  Hopefully this will be the hardest week here.  If so it hasn't been bad for the hardest week.


  1. None of our rooms have lights either. It's really annoying. Especially with kids who like to play with floor lamps. Good luck with the adjustment! It's hard to get used to being husband-less at first. But, you'll get used to it quickly. :)

    1. I don't think it's just being husbandless, but family-less too. How far is your place from Tucson?