Thursday, May 23, 2013

A chapter ends and another begins...

A lot has happened since my last blog as usual.  Ryan's job search was successful.  We are relocating to Tucson, Arizona where he will be working for Raytheon Missile Systems being a quality engineer.  His start date is the 10th of June.  We are heading out the week before.  We feel very blessed, but will miss our home in Provo.  We hope to make Tucson our home in the future, but that is not an easy task.  We have heard a lot of good things about Tucson and are glad there is a lot of golfing so the grandpas will have motive to come visit.

Ryan did the glorious gloating across campus in a hat and gown and is relieved that he will only ever be back here as an alumni watching sports instead of a college student being tortured by professors.

Before our journey down south we decided to go to the real south to see a real house and a real fun family that is about to increase by one.  Celecta flew her first 4 hour flight like a champ, tried her first food (a pear), and rolled from her stomach to her back once while daddy wasn't looking.  We experienced some stellar southern hospitality and got to go to the world famous aquarium.

Celecta has been in the 50th percentile at both checkups and quickly developed a deep dislike for shots. Her average weight is all carried her legs and her cheeks.

Because our last two months were becoming an elongated goodbye we decided to speed it up by doing a fast track parenting course (babysitting for Aunt Chris) in Blackfoot where Celecta learned to roll from her stomach to her back repeatedly as well as got some top notch entertainment.

As this school year comes to a close I would like to thank all those who have made these few years enjoyable.

First, the Moss family that filled a large 4 bedroom town-home with a lot of laughs and giggles and yummy food.  I couldn't ask for more supportive roommates.  You will be missed dearly as we downsize to a 2 bedroom to help us forget how empty it feels.

Second, our homes away from homes that kept us busy with birthdays and sports and video games and face time.

Third, the friends that stuck around even when they moved away and moved on.

Forth, the employers that were probably too easy on us and too flexible.

And finally, our Heavenly Father for sending all of you angels into our lives.  May you all be so blessed as us with spirits that lift you as you have us.

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