Saturday, July 7, 2012

Houston continued

 This is Ryan after a rainy dash home from work without an umbrella.  He was too busy for me to drop one off to him and it rains like CRAZY here!

 This is our first geocaching trip.  As you can see we didn't have much luck at all.  Not sure what happened to all of them.  There was one in particular that we found exactly where it was supposed to be, but could not find the geocache wasn't there.  It was an adventure nonetheless.

 Ryan is paranoid of ticks so he ran through the tall grass and even then was still itching around in the car.  :)  I don't blame him.  They are nasty creatures.
 Ryan getting in the picture without getting in the tall grass.  That big tree in the back is where we were supposed to find the geocache.  We decided our lives were more important.  It wasn't exactly a climbing tree.
 We finally found one!  After five unsuccessful trips.  Of course it was the very last one.  Just enough for us to not give up geocaching completely.  Ryan says that he always finds a ton of them when he goes without me.  Maybe that is a hint....
 This is the Miller Outdoor Theatre.  Scera Shell has nothing on this theatre.  It was really cool.  Aside from the stinky feet and the smoke (and Ryan would add the night heat) it was a very enjoyable experience!
 We saw the Houston Symphony.  They played pieces by Mendelssohn and Brahms then some modern composer in the middle that drove us away.  So we didn't get to hear Brahms, but it was still fun.
 We brought a picnic.  We got philly cheese steak sandwiches from Charley's Subs.  Yummmm.
 Ryan always eats all of his before I even finish half of mine.

 Ryan wanted to take a double chin picture.
 And then compensate for it.

 We went to Sylvan beach for the 4th of July for about an hour and a half because it was too windy to toss a frisbee around.  The water was refreshing and it was nice to spend some time together regardless.  The beach was FULL and I think we spotted one other Caucasian family while we were there.  Not sure why.

 The benefit of it being windy was we got to see a lot of neat kites.  Oh and that storm hadn't gotten there yet, but that was another reason we left early.

I guess I didn't take a picture of it, but there was a Texas flag kite at one point.  Gotta love Texas pride.

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