Friday, May 11, 2012

The Move

Here are pictures of our move.
We felt right at home with the construction in Moab.
Ryan was gracious enough to drive the whole 24 hours on the condition that he could eat as many sunflower seeds as he wanted. He is his father's son.
This is how full our car was (request of Dana Bergeron).
Ryan and I stopped in 4 corners since I hadn't ever been. It wasn't exactly on the way and the roads were really scary. Very poorly paved, but made it and it was fun to see all of the little Native American shops. I didn't buy anything though.
After a very resourceful day driving. We stayed overnight at Tucumcari in New Mexico. Our car was COVERED in bug guts. Not just little ones either. When we drove at night it was even worse. We had to pull off to a gas station just to clean the windshield and it took one gas station car wash and one REAL car wash (at Mister Car Wash... scrub by hand as well as an intese clean, great service) to get all of the bugs off.
This is the classic, "everyone slow down so the desiel going 2 mph faster than the other desiel can pass him." Happened a TON. I thought my dad would like this one. We don't have any pictures of it because I didn't really want to rub it in to Ryan's face when it happened, but we hit a block in the middle of the road, and if you want details Ryan will gladly tell you how it happened. You can imagine hitting a block going 70 mph isn't very good for tires. So we upgraded one of our tires prematurely. It was only a 2 hour delay. We were blessed to not be too far from Wichita Falls and Ryan was well educated enough to change the tire. We DID however, have to unload the trunk 3 times which made things a lot more exciting. Especially in the heat. I'm pretty sure we got sunburned from it. Luckily not so bad that we pealed. We are here safe and sound. In case any of you were wondering now that we have been here a week :P Thanks to Lori and her family we are all settled into our apartment with furniture (she donated to the cause). And now we get to explore the new world of Houston, Texas.


  1. By the way those are not rotten sunflowers in Ryan's mouth. They are raisins.

  2. hahaha, that sounds like a blast. :) definitely an adventure. I'm jealous.

  3. It's fun and new. You should come down. Tell Andy it's really not all that bad.

  4. Love it! Especially the packed car...I can confidently say we will never be able to do it again. Its fun to stay updated on your life these days :)