Friday, May 11, 2012

Minute Maid Stadium

Thanks to Mom and Dad Gee we got to go to a professional baseball game in Houston. I hadn't ever been to a professional game. It was a really fun experience. The stadium was elaborate and the hot dogs were great. I even got to hear three ladies gossip about a recent divorce (I tried to distract myself, but the game had since become a drag and Ryan was out because of his Benedryl).
As you can see we had the hottest seats in the house and I had the hottest husband. The screen was HUGE. And we weren't sitting in the sun. :)
The moon was BEAUTIFUL and there was a train that drove around the top of the stadium any time there was a homerun. We got to see it go 3 times!

Stay tuned for pictures of the apartment!


  1. Quax wants to go to one of these.....the grass looks amazing, you had great seats!, and I so totally want to see that train.

  2. It was really fun! I like GOING to baseball games. I think watching them on TV is a booooooooooring.