Saturday, April 7, 2012

A year over due

... Yea... I finally downloaded some pictures from my camera. These first few show Ryan playing some basketball. He tried to make that a weekly thing, but had a rough time getting people to play during school and finding time and a place to play.

This is my attempt to get cool action shots. :P

This is Ryan and I doing something on our bucket list. We had been talking about making a fort in our living room and sleeping in it for a while. We finally got around to it. It was really fun, but we will probably need a foam pad next time. We didn't sleepvery well and we finally got up in the morning and noticed it was a lot later than usual because it was darker in the fort.

Here is our second Christmas. We actually did something like the 12 days of Christmas because... WE CAN. It was really fun. I didn't take pictures of all of the presents, but Ryan gave me a BIG bag of popcorn in these pictures and I gave Ryan the pass of all passes. It also shows our little christmas tree, the extent of our decorations.


  1. I wish I could SEE these pictures when I was writing about them instead of guessing which one I was talking about. Ryan looks like he is trying to fly in that basketball one.

  2. Fun! building forts is the coolest. Hey, I think we have matching christmas trees! Fabulous! They are SO nice to put away. ;)

  3. It's true. They are really easy to put away.