Monday, March 14, 2011

TRUE BYU fans (or at least the husband is :))

The arena before the New Mexico game. We had no idea what a treat this game was going to be. :) Definitely worth the drive.
Ryan didn't want to get wet before the game. Maybe he was so deep in thought that having fun was out of the question. :)
Jared endured the cold water a lot longer than the rest of us. Elaine did eventually get in the whole way after a bit of contemplation. I took much longer contemplating and didn't even go the whole way in. We did find that it is easier to skip rocks when we were in the water so we let our legs endure a bit more bitter cold.
I decided my husband would probably enjoy watching the game better watching it with someone who he had been for the first 17 years of his life. I must have been right. Look how happy they are.
And of course I had more fun talking to someone who would actually hear me talking the whole time and not one half. :)
We both got a little of what we wanted this trip. Ryan and I both got basketball (more of a 'he want' than a 'she want'), and I got out of Vegas and went to a lake without billboards.


  1. What lake is that? Glad they won!!!! :)

  2. :P I hope you didn't get that last message. I just realized it is Whitney that is talking to me. I couldn't tell. It is Lake Mead, Hoover Dam was just up the road. Are you following our blog? I can't find yours.

  3. That sounds like you had a great trip and a great time. Good times.