Sunday, May 6, 2018

One Thing After Another/Hashtag Happy

First hike of the season.  I have decided it will be the first of many.

Celecta's first dentist appointment.  The hygienist was so great and she was cavity free!  Celecta was nervous, but was a champ!  #drcapnerandmatthews
Having our cousins up for a date!

McKayla on all fours!

Our first time eating Thai food.  It was good, but I got waaaaay too much.  Kudos to me for not getting the mildest spiciness. 
Look at her toe.  This was probably the last time she played in this toy.  Now she wants to stand and walk.
Big sister time.
Celecta's dress for the wedding.
It's missing some finishing touches, but she loves the twirl.
Ryan's birthday shooting off rockets and flying kites at Canyon View Park and eating Sensuous Sandwich and oatmeal cookies with his favorite people.

Uncle Jared getting his workout.
Danny stripping his bed.  #Saturdaychores
Here she goes!

We had tulips!  It's great to inherit plants!
I know there are a lot of pictures of these.  It's because I had to celebrate small victories or I wasn't going to enjoy it at all.  It took much longer than I expected, but I think it was worth it.

On a bike ride outside.  Soaking up the sun before it rained again.  #springfever
Cramming three carseats in the back so we can go pick up furniture.  The kids loved it, but I didn't love it enough for it to last longer than a couple drives.  Buckling Celecta was a pain!  Love my minivan!  Couldn't go back.
Danny has officially been converted to wearing tshirts to bed.  Now he can match Celecta because they are wearing Ryan and my matching BYU tshirts.
Another pic.

Temple tulips after Stake Conference.

Danny with his hanger arrows. #robinhood

Our peas are growing!  #gardensuccess!  We'll see if the rest of them grow.
Our second hike of the season!
The kids kept pretending to sweep the dirt off the dirt path.

Dropping stuff in the river and seeing it pass under the bridge.
Love my baby girl!

Friends at the park!
Sunburn from that playdate at the park.  I think I have burned more times this April than I ever have.  #addictedtosunshine
Happy Birthday Gigi!  You are definitely one of the greatest!

Megan's wedding.  Lainey and Danny having some serious conversation.

And Uncle Brent and Celecta trying to "paste" the flower back on.  #itsawonderfullife

Daddy dunking McKayla

Celecta, Cousin, and Danny. 
The farm next to Opa and Nanna's.  It was a pretty good substitute for driving an hour to an open house I think.

The cousins came to play at our house so we flew kites!  It was a perfect day for it and a perfect location!  Only thing missing was Ryan.

"Watch out everyone. I climb stairs."

There is something wrong with this picture.  #partytilyoudrop